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    Bullshit Marketing Companies and How You Can Spot the Fakes: Part 1

    By on September 21, 2017

    Over the last several years, I have learned a ridiculous amount about the social media marketing industry. I eventually came to the realization that there are numerous amounts of people exploiting these social tactics only to advance their vicious circle of promises and false hopes that make them a ridiculous amount of money while providing almost ZERO value up front.


    Several companies use these tactics to direct potential leads to eventually purchase a book or subscribe to virtual classes, which CAN be full of value, but most of the time is just more regurgitated advice that really doesn’t point you in any direction except to run in circles. So while there CAN be value out there in some of these companies, and the tactics DO work, you still have to be careful and do your research, just like buying a car, or a home, you want to ensure you are getting something you will be keeping for a long time, as this is a huge investment, just like your time and business.


    The simple strategy to spot some of these ridiculously invasive campaigns or spam marketers is to take a look at a few things from, the representative’s background, the experience they’ve had, companies they’ve worked for, and any other collaborations they may have done with other experts in the field.


    My dead giveaway that the company is going to offer value is the fact that they OFFER VALUE FOR FREE, before even asking you for any sort of dollar amount. Gary Vaynerchuk is a great example of this. You can literally Google, youtube, podcast or Spotify search Gary and you will find HUNDREDS of hours of content that is valuable and perhaps more educating that something you would get in any class.


    The other easy giveaway for an imposter is these fake “Book A Webinar Time” and you enter your personal information. Next thing you know you are getting texts from “The Guy” that are obviously automated. If you reply, a real human will answer you but it’s like not the person you are hoping to speak to. (Similar to celebrities, there is a team of folks dedicated to answering these texts, under the impression you are talking to the actual entrepreneur)


    Emails will come in formatted funny, and often times they do extensive “storytelling”. These tactics do work, and shouldn’t be ignored, but we are looking at this from the perspective of the motivational, hard-working souls, you and I, marketers, who want to learn and grow but without the expense of emptying our pockets.

    Stay tuned for part two as I go through the actual email responses and all the other fun things that get thrown at you once you sign up. These guys are literally using the tactics we learn for selling an actual product with value and instead try to sell us garbage.

    If you’ve had any experiences like this, I would love to hear from you! Email Me!