Nicolas Hesson – Sales & Marketing Consultant | 5 Tips for Staying Alert on a Long Road Trip
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5 Tips for Staying Alert on a Long Road Trip

17 Apr 5 Tips for Staying Alert on a Long Road Trip

1. Stop every 2 hours

The general rule of thumb is to give yourself a break every 2 hours. This can be a short break or a long break, just so long as you get out and move your legs around and get some stretches in. Wether you stop to refresh or to catch some zzz’s you’ll be revitalized and a change of pace will help make things feel more comfortable.

2. Bring a Friend

If you want to be certain to stay alert, a friend is the best thing you can have with you. You can chat and keep energy levels high, and most importantly you can always take turns driving to alleviate any stress on one driver. Plus road trips with friends is way more fun!

3. Get Your Caffeine Fix

Caffeine can be a great aid to long road trips. Take time to stop in at a gas station for a coffee. ABritish medical journal study found that drivers who had caffeinated products like tea, coffee, or energy drinks had a 63 per cent reduced chance of getting into an accident than those who didn’t have caffeine. Can’t argue with science!

4. Avoid Late Night Driving

It’s natural for our biological clocks to kick in late at night. Even if you think you’ve got the energy for a late night drive, we highly recommend against this. No matter what you do, your body is going to fight it and knows that this is time usually reserved for sleeping. Be careful!

5. Get Some Fresh Air

Simply rolling down a window can do wonders. This will give your body a jolt of cold, fresh air and temporarily revitalize you. Just remember that over time your body will adjust to the change, so use this trick only if you cannot find the time to pull over for a break.


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